Picking Winners versus the Boxing Betting Line

November 30th, 2010 Boxing Betting

Boxing betting line winners are not as hard to find as you might think. Boxing betting is something that some people still get involved in when major fights come along, but it is also still one of the most controversial forms of gambling.

Boxing betting line winners are sometimes easy to pick because the favorites win a lot of the time.  That doesn’t mean you can just blindly bet all boxing betting line favorites and win though. 

You must pick and choose your spots.  All you can do in boxing betting is learn as much as you can about the fighters and their tendencies and try to make the best possible pick versus the boxing betting line.  With boxing betting there are going to be heavy priced favorites because for the most part, boxing is not that competitive.  The best fighters are usually priced very high and if you want to make money you have to be willing to risk money against the boxing betting line.

Sometimes with the boxing betting line you will occasionally see an underdog worth a shot, but you are not going to get rich picking underdogs in boxing.  Sometimes the champs will overlook the underdog, but even when that is the case it requires a huge domination for an underdog to get a decision.  You should also be aware that there is big money involved in fight rematches, so nothing is a sure thing on the boxing betting line, even though the prices remain outrageously high.

There is no doubt that boxing betting has more inflated prices on the favorites than any other sport.  There is a huge difference in price between the favorite and the dog.  You also will see sportsbooks tack on even more to the price and make the take back even less.  For example, it might be that the favorite is -300 and the underdog is only +220 on the boxing betting line.  That is a terrible boxing betting line on the underdog and something that you really can’t bet into and win.

There are no guarantees on the boxing betting line.  You have to take your shots when you can in the big fights.  You also may want to consider just betting how long you think the fight will go.  The round options are sometimes worth a look when the favorite is so highly priced on the boxing betting line.