Pacquiao vs. Bradley III Odds Preview

November 8th, 2019 Boxing

After the lackluster “fight of the century” last year, Manny Pacquiao returns to the boxing ring to cap the trilogy versus Tim Bradley and SBG Global sportsbook the boxing odds for one of the biggest fights of the year.  Although this must be one of Manny’s fights that has the least amount of excitement among fans betting on boxing, he is still a name in the sport of boxing that draws a lot of attention to the sport in times where fans are not as interested.

This fight is riding under the storyline that each boxer has won a fight of their previous two encounters, and the third fight is to settle the score, with the vacant WBO welterweight tittle on the line. Pacquiao is the overall favorite with the line favoring him -190, whilst Bradley’s line reads at +165. Both their previous fights have gone to distance, and while the decision in Bradley’s win at their first encounter was controversial to say the least, this fight comes to great meaning for both men.

The apathy among the general public for this fight, is fueled by how underwhelming Mayweather and Pacquiao was, and lets not forget the unfortunate and ill-advised comments that Manny had against the LGBT community in recent months. The fight, for a lot of fans and Boxing odds insiders just doesn’t spark the same interest as Khan vs. Canelo or Tyson Fury vs. Klitschko, but given the rather uneventful calendar that 2016 has on the year, this fight is one of the most important ones for a while.

Pacquiao enters this fight with a chip on his shoulder knowing that he doesn’t have that much more fights in him. His loss against Mayweather took away a lot of the shine of his career and his skills are on an obvious decline for the past four or five fights. A win here would award him a tittle belt that could give him a potential late career run before he retires.

Managed by Teddy Atlas, Tim “Desert Storm” Bradley is peaking the best time of his career, as he is a durable and well-rounded boxer. At this point in his career Bradley is looking much better and arguably he has reached his prime. His toughest foe has been Pacquiao and this fight for him is not just about the gold, but it also can bring redemption. Plus a win here could potentially end up retiring Pacquiao, as he had stated that he will focus on his political career and this bout will be his past. But, if the boxing odds underdog wishes to do so, he would need to work both on his countering and his power.

Ultimately, this fight can be a bit of a toss up. Both men have something at stake and reasons to bring their A game. However, we are banking on the upset here, as this fight Bradley comes with teddy atlas in his corner and with a much more powerful approach. Plus, there are a lot of questions regarding how much of Pacquiao’s heart will be in this fight. The boxing odds for this bout make it for a very interesting wager to take. Bradley will win by unanimous decision.

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