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November 30th, 2010 Boxing Betting

Boxing betting has been going through some rough times of late but it’s hardly head.

Many critics have been sounding the death knell for years but some who boxing betting and boxing odds continue. And the reason for that is a diehard lot of boxing fans who simply refuse to let this great sport do down the drain.

Online boxing betting has seen better days of this there is no doubt but that hardly means that the sport is in as bad of shape as some people would like to believe. Right now in the boxing betting landscape there are plenty of big matches in the works that will get people to check out the boxing odds. One of the most anticipated fights in the coming year is a possible rematch between Oscar de la Hoya and Floyd Mayweather Jr. Granted the first bout between these two boxers was not the most breathtaking online boxing betting moment in history but the sour finish left fans of boxing odds wanting more.

If all goes well the boxing odds fans will get what they want and no doubt a second meeting would be much more memorable than the first. De la Hoya will no doubt be in better shape than first and the scrappy Mayweather will have a much better feel for his boxing betting opponent. Mayweather is without a doubt the finest boxer, pound per pound fighter in the boxing betting world right now and bout with his name on it will attract a big boxing betting following.

There are boxing odds skeptics who don’t see this match happening and that could very be the case, but most likely it will happen, and it will happen this year, much to the relief of boxing betting fans everywhere. The main reason is that -as in all facets of life- money is king in the world of boxing betting. There is not another match up on the planet right now that could draw a larger online boxing betting match up than these two marquee names.

De la Hoya, while no longer in his prime is still one of biggest names in boxing betting and until proven otherwise Mayweather the welter weight is boxing betting’s king. Hopefully fight number two will have a bit more excitement than the first boxing betting match up between the two.

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