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November 30th, 2010 Boxing Betting

Boxing bet fans have not had a great time of late trying to find matches to place a boxing bet on.

For over a century boxing betting was one of the great high lights in the sporting world. However, nowadays there is not much to choose from at all if you’re looking to make a boxing bet.

Boxing bet experts have speculated on the subject for years and wonder why it is that the number of boxing bets made in recent years tailed off as much as it has. There are multiple explanations as to the decline in the number of boxing bets and as to the decline of the entire boxing betting industry in general. No on knows for sure what the cause of this detriment to making boxing bets has been, but no one can doubt that this development is very really and potentially lethal to the boxing betting industry.

Perhaps the most accurate portrayal as to what the cause of the lack of boxing bets begin made is the lack of youth involvement in sport of boxing. Not that young people should be encouraged to make boxing bets, but they should be encouraged to get involved in boxing as a healthy sport. Boxing betting has for years been dependent on young athletes getting involved in the sport to grow up to be next generation that fans place a boxing bet on. At present that is not happening and there is lack of top athletes to place a boxing bet on.

This problem exists not as a result of poor effort, but perhaps because there is too much competition amongst other sports for young athletes. Young men with boxing bet promise are now getting involved with football and basketball and at a much lower level, boxing. Top boxing bet analysts have opined that someone like Ray Lewis could perhaps be the world heavyweight boxing champ, but he’s on the football field and the subject of boxing bets.

If the boxing betting industry hopes to make a comeback it needs to recruit the young athletes like Lewis for boxing bet universe instead of the football field.

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