Boxing Odds

November 30th, 2010 Boxing Betting

Boxing odds involve looking at a basic money line where you will pick the winner of the fight.

In addition to the main boxing odds on who will win the fight you also have boxing gambling odds options that include betting how long the fight goes or how the fight will end (knockout-decision).

Boxing odds are interesting to consider for fights that occur each month.  Let’s look at boxing odds and what you are likely to see.  Here is a typical boxing gambling odds example that you might see at a sportsbook:

Boxer A -160
Boxer B +140
Draw +1600

Rounds 10.5 over -120

Boxer A by knockout +140
Boxer A by decision +180
Boxer B by knockout +200
Boxer B by decision +240

If you are wagering on Boxer A to win in boxing odds, then either any type of win would pay off for you.  You would risk $160 to win $100 on Boxer A or the 16-10 equivalent.  If you liked Boxer B you would win $140 for every $100 wagered in boxing odds or the 10-14 equivalent.  If you wanted to bet the over/under on rounds you would be risking $120 if you liked the fight to go over 10.5 round or even money if you liked it to go under 10.5 rounds on the boxing gambling odds board.  Betting on a draw in boxing odds is never a good bet since so few bouts end in a draw.

If you pick Boxer A by knockout or stoppage, the fight must be stopped in Boxer A’s favor at any point and you would win $140 for every $100 wagered in boxing odds.  The same things apply to the other options on the boxing odds board.  You may also see round by round boxing odds options where you pick the exact round the fight will end.  Those boxing odds options that include picking the exact round a fight will end are more rare and usually only available for the marquee fights.

Take a look at the boxing gambling odds available each month on the various fights that are offered at the sportsbook and enjoy the action this year.

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