Four Titles takes on One Title in September

October 16th, 2019 Boxing

Boxing has given us some of the best entertainment in sports history and this September it will give fans the opportunity to engage in online betting for one of the best title fights in recent years. Saturday the 10th of September is the exact date when WBA, WBC, IBF, and IBO World Middleweight Champion Gennady Golovkin takes on his challenger, Kell Brook  who currently holds the IBF Welterweight Title.

This will quite literally be a fight between boxing champions and Brook will be vying to get ahold of his second title. It’s not just any fighter who can hold two titles at once and, as one can imagine, the hype has been building around this bout for quite some time. Let’s check in on the betting sportsbook odds and see if they can shed some light on how these two fighters will fare.

WBA WBC IBF IBO World Middleweight Title

Kell Brook +550
Gennady Golovkin -800

The odds certainly give Golovkin the advantage and this can largely be attributed to the fact that this fight will mark the first time Brook is competing at the middleweight class. On top of his title, Brook is coming in with a spectacular record of 36-0 boasting an impressive 25 knockouts. Equally as magnificent is Golovkin’s record which sits at 35-0 with an awe-inspiring 32 knockouts. Even though it’s uncertain who will come out on top the online betting community can be certain of one thing; at the end of the bout one of these fighters will taste defeat for the first time.

Brook could not have chosen a harder opponent to debut in a higher boxing weight class and he certainly won’t be catching any breaks from his opponent. Golovkin is a tremendous fighter, and anyone on the planet can infer that from looking Golovkin is well-known for being a heavy-hitter but it’s his ability to ‘read’ his opponents that ultimately gives him an advantage inside the ring.

Using superior movement Golovkin is able to put himself in a position where his blows, often considered unorthodox in technique, will land without fail. In this particular bout Golovkin should have an advantage considering Brook is used to competing two weight classes below Golovkin. This has led many online betting experts to claim that Brook simply does not have the power to faze Golovkin.

However, Brook is convinced that this fact will play out to his advantage, claiming that it will provide him with both a speed and movement advantage over his opponent. While both have a jab known for being a ‘ramrod’, Brook simply cannot try to trade blows with the Kazakh superstar. A great example of why this won’t work is the fight that Golovkin had against Willie Monroe Jr. in which many thought Monroe had the upper hand when he kept sending Golovkin’s head flying back.

However, Golovkin proved too tough for these blows, absorbed them, and ultimately came back to win the fight. None of this seems to bother Brook however, who is confident that his punching power is roughly the same as Golovkin’s. In fact the fighter has gone on record as stating that he has zero respect for his opponent. Apparently holding four titles is not enough to garner some respect from a British fighter.

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