Boxing Betting Roll with the Punches with the Odds at SBG

Boxing Betting: Roll with the Punches with the Odds at SBG

October 29th, 2018 Boxing

Although there is not a lot of boxing betting action compared to other sports the opportunity is there for those looking for great action.  Certainly, a fighter such as Floyd Mayweather will attract casual public wagering when most other fights go ignored.  Yet while that is the case those lesser known fights are listed on the wagering board for action.  And that is where opportunity waits for the sharp player looking to make a buck.  To be exact with just a little bit of effort gamblers can find strong plays for wagering action that the general public ignores.


Certainly, when Mayweather fights he commands maximum national attention.  If for no other reason its because he has gone undefeated for his career.  Thus, you get casual fans that don’t know anything about boxing taking a chance on a Mayweather bout.  Further, since he is the biggest name in the fight game it also serves as an attraction.  For this purpose, a lot of ignorant money flows in.  Counter to that is “sharps” that also are Betting on Boxing.  These are people that bet the fight game regularly and exploit weak lines influenced by the public.

Amazing Opportunities

More emphatically you will find incredible opportunities in boxing betting. Regardless of lack of public popularity that is what makes the potential for great wagering selections.  Naturally big-name fighters will command attention and public betting.  In spite of that each week offers a multitude of bouts that nobody knows about.  Owing to that are many websites that are easily accessible in which a boxing handicapper can get good information for handicapping fights.  Most important of all an aspiring handicapper can get the advantage necessary to find the best values and odds for a fight.

Don’t be intimidated

Initially you will see multiple weight classes when you glance over a fight card.  And that is nothing at all to be intimidated about.  Despite the fact that there are different weight classes it can be compared to other sports.  Correspondingly it compares to different divisions or conferences in the sport of football.  While heavyweight championship fights are usually the biggest draw they are far from the only bouts on the card to wager on.  In a similar way there is plenty of access to information that can help you make the best decision.

Money Line

At the onset you will easily find betting on boxing lines ever day.  Presently boxing is bet on with a money line.  This is where you will lay out money on a favorite.  Accordingly, you may lay out -300 on a favorite to win $100.  And then others may choose to take odds on an underdog.  This is where you would bet $100 to win $250 on the dog.  Moreover, you will also often see very large favorites and underdogs on the board.  From this point you can point out potentially huge opportunities.

Round Option

Alternatively, you can also wager on the round option for boxing.  This is where you bet on whether or not the fight goes the entire number of rounds listed on the board.  To show, in a ten round bout you can wager on if the bout goes the full distance or under ten rounds.  For example, if you believe that an early knockout in a mismatch is likely you can wager on the fight going under the total rounds total.

Many Bouts to Choose From

To differentiate from other sports, you can find boxing action from bouts all over the world.  In sum once you realize that there are always multiple bouts on the board you open the door of unlimited opportunity.  Equally important there will be money making opportunities that are ignored by most of the public.  In turn this will set you apart as a potential winner where others shut themselves out.

Boxing Betting at SBG

Likewise, there are plenty of hard-core boxing fans that can help you along the way.   As a matter of fact, few sports have such detailed information available at multiple websites.  It is true that you can get as good or better information on boxing compared to any other sport on the board.  Eventually you will feel empowered to make money on this sport every week of the year.  In the same way you’ll have the satisfaction of winning bets that nobody else knows about!

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