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November 30th, 2010 Boxing Betting

Boxing betting fans have been searching for a big name fighter to carry their sport back to prominence for years but so far the search has been less than fruitful.

There have been so many names pass through boxing odds circles in the past few decades but almost none has stuck or ascended to the great heights that the boxing betting world had hoped. However, that’s not to say that boxing betting is without hope or optimism and there are several reasons for boxing betting fans to look forward to the future.

Boxing betting is of course a very subjective exercise and being popular in the boxing odds and being effective in the boxing odds are often two very different things. But it seems of late that even finding a fighter is popular in boxing betting circles has been difficult. It’s been said before but it may be very accurate to suggest that boxing betting has never been at a lower point. And while that may be disheartening to many boxing betting fans it also means that there is nowhere else to go but up.

In the heavyweight division there hasn’t been much boxing betting action for years. However, with new champ Sultan Ibramovich on a quest to reunify the various heavyweight belts he just might be able to do it. Such a quest would lend much interest to the sport of boxing betting and give the entire boxing odds scene a much needed shot in the arm. Granted, Ibromovich is not the most gifted fighter boxing betting fans have ever scene but at a time when the competition is relatively weak he just might succeed in unifying the belts for the first time in years.

In the middle weight division things look even better in terms of boxing betting excitement. A young bruiser by the name of Kelly Pavlik has been tearing up the competition and may be the most exciting fighter in the sport right now. After demolishing Jermaine Taylor recently he’s poised to get a shot at the title. Pavlik is 33-0 with 29 KOs and looks set to be boxing betting next big thing. If he continues to live up to expectations boxing betting may have its newest superstar.

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