Boxing Betting Odds

Boxing betting odds have been around for many years but boxing betting really didn’t take off until Las Vegas booked the big marquee fights with fighters like Ali and Frazier. In boxing betting there is a money line.

You are betting on a fighter to win the bout.  Let's look at a typical boxing betting odds example. Boxing betting odds are similar to what you see in baseball or hockey. 

It is a straight money line and the boxing betting odds might look like this:

Hopkins -200
Taylor +160

In this fight if you like Hopkins you would be risking $200 for every $100 you wanted to win on the boxing betting odds board or the 2-1 equivalent, while if you liked Taylor you would win $160 for every $100 you wagered or the 10-16 equivalent.  As you get involved in boxing betting and make your pick you need to do a little research on your fighters.  Take a look at height, weight, reach, age, and the fighter's record before you look at the boxing betting odds.  Also remember that some places will offer boxing betting odds on a draw and boxing betting odds on if the fight will end in a knockout or a decision.  The draw is a poor wager because rarely does a fight ever end in a draw.  The options for a knockout or a decision may be worth looking at though on the boxing betting odds board.  You can bet that the fight will end before a certain round, or after.  Those bets are something to look at, especially when the boxing betting odds on the fight are high.

Boxing betting definitely involves looking at a lot of high priced favorites.  Boxing is really not a sport that is very competitive, so you will see a lot of overpriced favorites.  The problem with betting the underdogs is that you really have to pick your spots because they just don't win very often.  Picking boxing winners is sometimes not that difficult, but laying the prices required in boxing betting odds very often is difficult.  Laying -400 or -500 on a high priced favorite is something that many gamblers don't like to do.

Boxing betting still has its place in the sports betting world, although it is not nearly what it once was.