Horse Racing Action at SBG with Belmont Stakes Betting

Horse Racing Action at SBG with Belmont Stakes Betting

October 10th, 2018 Belmont Stakes, Horseracing

Extending the Triple Crown season with its final and longest race is the Belmont Stakes which takes place each June.  In fact, the Belmont runs five weeks after the Kentucky Derby and three weeks after the Preakness Stakes.  Consistent with its reputation as “The Test of the Champion” the Belmont Stakes is 1.5 miles in length.  In view of the Belmont often having the Triple Crown at stake its one of the best attended and most watched horse races in the United States.

Memorable Belmont Stakes Moments

On the whole the most memorable Belmont was in 1973 when Secretariat blew away the field in a record time of 2:24 for the Triple Crown. In fact, one of the most iconic highlight clips in American sports you’ll ever see is Secretariat pulling away from the field by an astoundingly wide margin.

What Belmont means for the Triple Crown

One of the dynamics of Belmont Stakes betting is when the Triple Crown is at stake.  Accordingly, the Triple Crown was completed in two of the last four years but more often than not the Belmont is a source of heartbreak.  Since 1997 there have been eight horses that made it to the cusp of the Triple Crown title only to fall short at the Belmont Stakes.  And similar to the Preakness Stakes there are a wide variety of factors to consider

Differences in Belmont Stakes Race

A clear difference is experienced by Horse betting handicappers with the Belmont Stakes compared to any other horse race on the schedule.  To be exact the Belmont has horses that had already competed in either the Kentucky Derby or Preakness Stakes. Additionally, there are horses in the Belmont that competed in both.  Then there are horses that skipped the first two Triple Crown races.  In turn those are the freshest horses that can often pose the biggest threat to the rest of the field.

Wildcards in Belmont Stakes

Supplementing those dynamics makes for the most challenging of horse handicaps.  And when there is a Triple Crown contender the hype rivals almost anything in sports outside of the Super Bowl.  Yet another factor is the fact that none of the horses in the Belmont has run a mile and a half race.  Nor will they ever again.  By contrast this length of the race is one of the many wildcards.  As mentioned earlier you have the different horses that have run or not run various races.  Along the same lines its why many handicappers lose sleep on Belmont week.

Understanding Belmont Stakes

So, the first rule of Belmont Stakes Betting is to keep a level head. Fashion avoidance of hype on the chalk.  By contrast don’t get too caught up in the sale of well rested horses primed to make an upset.  Naturally with the three weeks leading up to the Belmont there is plenty of touting and “news.”  It follows that many gamblers can resist the noise.  However, the smart ones put on the ear plugs and get off the grid.  For all that the best weapon to Belmont Stakes success will be hard work and study.

Handicapping Challenges

It is true that the Belmont Stakes provides intense handicapping challenges.  Not withstanding that is the fact that the rewards can be great.  It’s the classic case of high risk and high reward.  By reason of its many unique dynamics the Belmont Stakes is often the perfect place for multiple exotic wagers.  In view of the difficulty of picking the actual winners such bets as trifectas, exactas, quinellas or even more exotic wagers could provide the difference between victory and defeat.  In like manner if there was ever a Triple Crown race made for multiple wagers it’s the Belmont Stakes.  Compared to other races it seems as if the Belmont was set for multiple action betting.

Belmont Stakes at SBG

Granted, there are plenty of wagering options and locals to consider for action at the Belmont Stakes.  But there is not better place to bet the Belmont than at SBG Global.  To demonstrate you can get the absolute best in odds, bonuses, and incentives.  Comparable to other online betting websites SBG Global can’t be beat for its ease of use and quickness on payouts.  Next, we have the best in award winning customer assistance to help you with anything at any time.  The Belmont Stakes is a special event that should only be played at a premier spot like SBG!

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