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November 30th, 2010 Belmont Stakes Betting

Belmont Stakes odds are sometimes influenced by post position although not as much as they are in the Kentucky Derby.

What post positions have been the most successful and the least successful in Belmont betting history? Let’s take a look at post positions and their importance when betting the Belmont Stakes.

Belmont Stakes odds show that post position #1 has been the most successful producing a total of 23 winners. The fields are generally smaller in Belmont Stakes odds and traffic is not a problem, especially with the added distance. The rail could be a major problem in the Derby or the Preakness but it has been no problem in Belmont betting. The next best post positions in Belmont Stakes odds are post positions #3 and #5 as they have produced 13 winners each.

Recent Belmont Stakes odds history has shown the winners coming from the outside. Rags to Riches won in Belmont Stakes odds in 2007 from post position #7. Jazil won in Belmont Stakes odds from post position #8 in 2006. Afleet Alex won in Belmont Stakes odds from post position #9 in 2005.

The reason that the rail has historically been the best place for Belmont betting winners is the distance factor. Since horses are going a mile and a half every little bit of ground that is saved can be important. The rail is definitely the best position for saving ground. We mentioned that the rail has 23 winners in Belmont Stakes odds history and that the third and fifth posts have 13 winners each. The #7 post is right behind with 12 wins in Belmont Stakes odds history. The #2 post is next with 11 wins in Belmont betting history. The #4 post has 9 wins in Belmont Stakes odds history. The #6 post has seven wins, the 8th post six wins, the 9th post four wins, the 10th post two wins and the 11th post two wins.

As you bet the Belmont you can glance at post positions but they are definitely not the most important handicapping factor to consider.

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