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November 30th, 2010 Belmont Stakes Betting

Belmont Stakes gambling factors include speed, pedigree, jockey, trainer, form, post position, workouts, etc.

Belmont Stakes gambling has not had a Triple Crown winner since 1978. There have only been 11 winners in Belmont betting that took home the Triple Crown. As you look at Belmont Stakes gambling this year what factors should you focus on?

Belmont Stakes gambling can sometimes be tough to figure out since you never see horses running a mile and a half. That doesn’t mean you should automatically take a closer in Belmont betting though. That is what many horse bettors do but it is a mistake in Belmont Stakes gambling. What you want to look for in Belmont Stakes gambling is a horse that has stalking speed. You want that horse that has enough speed to stay with the pace in Belmont Stakes gambling. Sometimes a horse will go wire to wire and win in Belmont betting and sometimes a closer will come from behind but most of the time the stalkers win in Belmont Stakes gambling. A horse has to have taken the lead or be in a close stalking position in the stretch if they are to be winners for you in Belmont Stakes gambling.

After finding a horse that is a stalker you need to make sure their pedigree indicates they can make the distance. Usually the dosage index will tell you this in Belmont betting. A number of 4.00 or less is acceptable. Anything higher than 4.00 in the dosage index is an automatic throw out in Belmont Stakes gambling. You also will want to glance at the jockey, trainer and post position. These factors are not huge in Belmont Stakes gambling because the distance really evens things out but if a horse is on the rail you might give them an extra plus for saving ground.

Remember to consider these factors when you bet the Belmont this year. Stalking speed and pedigree are the two most important factors but glance at the other ones we talked about and put together a profile for the winning horse.

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