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November 30th, 2010 Belmont Stakes Betting

Belmont odds are the final part of horse racing’s Triple Crown.

Belmont Stakes odds are the oldest of the Triple Crown races and are run at the farthest distance. A total of thirty horses have been listed in Belmont odds with a chance to win the Triple Crown but only eleven have done it.

Belmont odds first began in 1867 and won by a filly named Ruthless. In addition to a filly winning the first race, a female jockey won the 1993 race. Julie Krone won in Belmont odds in 1993 aboard Colonial Affair. Other history in Belmont odds show that Secretariat set a track and world record of 2:24 for the mile and a half in 1973. His 31-length victory is a record that is still in effect.

Belmont odds are either followed extensively or not very much depending upon whether or not a horse is competing for the Triple Crown. There has not been a Triple Crown winner since 1978 and if a horse is trying to pull it off there is a lot of excitement surrounding Belmont Stakes odds. There is also a three week break between the Preakness and the Belmont which only increases they hype surrounding Belmont odds if a horse is trying to win the Triple Crown.

Belmont odds if a Triple Crown is at stake will always have the horse making the attempt as a heavy favorite. Unfortunately, the horse making the attempt has not won in a long time. Triple Crown attempts have failed six times in the last decade, making favorites a little dicey in Belmont odds. Favorites traditionally have done well in Belmont odds history but not recently with so many horses coming up empty in their attempt to win the Triple Crown.

As you look to bet Belmont odds remember that the main factor is stamina. Not much else matters since the race is a mile and a half. Look at pedigree and breeding in addition to whether or not the horse comes into the race in good form as you examine Belmont Stake odds. This should give you a chance to pick the winner in Belmont Stakes odds.

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