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November 30th, 2010 Belmont Stakes Betting

Belmont betting can be unlike any other race you bet during the year.

It is definitely longer than any race you will bet and some of the dynamics are different in Belmont betting. Let’s look at Belmont Stakes odds and consider what factors are important and which ones are not.

Belmont betting factors begin with stamina. If a horse can’t make the distance then you really don’t want to take him in Belmont Stakes odds.
Most horses are just not bred to run a mile and a half and if they are part of the Triple Crown chase it will be their third race in five weeks. That is asking a lot of any race horse in Belmont betting. In the last 10 years the underdogs have done pretty well in Belmont betting with the average payoff over $36 although a 70-1 winner definitely helped those numbers.

If you are looking at speed figures for Belmont betting you should know that they don’t work as well as in other races. The speed figures of winning horses like Jazil, Birdstone and Commendable with really poor. More important factors to consider in Belmont betting are pedigree, form, and running style. Take a look at the pedigree and the breeding to see if a horse can make the distance in Belmont betting. Look at how the horse is coming into the race and look at the style of the horse as you consider Belmont Stakes odds.

When you are looking at Belmont Stakes odds you have the choice of whether or not to bet the favorite or hope to beat him. Usually people will choose to bet the favorite if the horse is trying for the Triple Crown but bet against him when he is not in Belmont betting. That has not worked very well for horse bettors recently since there has not been a Triple Crown since 1978. Many favorites in Belmont betting have failed in their attempt to win the Triple Crown. Horses like Smarty Jones and Real Quiet looked like sure Triple Crown winners only to lose in Belmont betting.

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