Will Rule Changes Affect NASCAR Betting?

NASCAR betting could be affected in 2010 as NASCAR is making numerous rule changes.

Those changes will affect the cars and the races.  Whether they will affect betting NASCAR racing is the question that will eventually be answered.

NASCAR betting begins in less than a month with the Daytona 500 and that is one of the races that will be affected.   NASCAR is expected to change the rear wing of the car with a more traditional spoiler that will hopefully prevent cars from flying through the air.  NASCAR betting last year had Carl Edwards and Ryan Newman suffering through bad crashes. "I’ve got to believe if you can pick from having wings on the back of them all the way to the other end where they drive like they did in 1985 with no down force, I’d much rather have no down force," Carl Edwards said.   That new spoiler will affect racing at Daytona and it could affect NASCAR betting.  Another rule that is expected to go into place as NASCAR betting indicates will get rid of the yellow line that prohibited passing.

NASCAR betting has seen Jimmie Johnson dominate in recent seasons and many of the races have not been exciting. NASCAR has heard the fans and the drivers and they are going to make changes.  Last year in NASCAR betting there were double-file restarts and that was popular with the fans.  Now NASCAR is making more changes that should appeal to the fans and to those involved in betting NASCAR racing. "I think it’s time for a change, time for a significant change, that our fans can see watching the race on Sunday through their TV," Clint Bowyer said, "They need to see it’s a change for the better, and they’re going to stay tuned to watch."

NASCAR betting gives people a lot of options on a regular basis each month. It starts with Daytona NASCAR betting and runs almost to the end of the year for those that are betting NASCAR racing.  The NASCAR betting season is a long and exciting one and hopefully the rule changes will help and be positive for those betting NASCAR racing. “It’s cool that NASCAR is willing to make changes to try to do anything they can to make the racing as exciting as it can be for the fans,” said Carl Edwards, “I mean, that’s what NASCAR is about, is having the most fair competition, stuff that people want to watch, can cheer for. So that’s cool.”

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