Does Red Bull Still Have A Chance To Capture The F1 Betting Title?

The 2010 F1 betting season has been full of ups and downs and a revolving spot at the top of both the Drivers Standings and the Team Standings.

But for all the back and forth both competitions in the F1 odds have really only involved two teams and four drivers.  And as the F1 betting season heads into the home stretch of the racing schedule these two teams and four drivers are really the only participants that have any reasonable hope of winning a title.

But the big question remains, will it be the Red Bulls or Team McLaren that finally prevails in winning the Constructors Cup?  And will it be former F1 betting champ Lewis Hamilton or teammate and defending F1 betting champ Jenson Button claiming the Drivers title?  Or perhaps we’ll see a new champ with Red Bull drivers Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber still firmly in the hunt.

Through 10 races and over half the F1 odds competition already in the bag for 2010 these two teams and four drivers have successfully separated themselves from the rest of the competition. It is safe to say, that barring an act of god, the winner of the both the team title and the individual driving title will come from this select group.  The only other team and driver even remotely on the radar is former F1 betting champ Fernando Alonso for Ferrari but he simply doesn’t have the car to overcome the leaders and he’s in too large of a hole to claim any titles season.

Heading into the German Grand Prix young Hamilton sits atop the Driver Standings with 145 points.  Hamilton, like all the other top drivers has been remarkably consistent this season scoring in every Grand Prix except in Spain.  His 145 points lead teammate Jenson (133 points) by 12 and Webber (128 points) by 17. Vettel is a distant 23 points behind with a total of 121 points.

In the team standings McLaren holds a slight lead over Red Bull with 278 points versus 249 point. No other team in the F1 betting is even close. 

It looks as though the McLaren team and its drivers are well poised to collect all the yearend accolades but a lot can happen in the eight remaining F1 betting events and Red Bull has had the fastest cars all year long, something that will likely continue in the second half of the season.