New F1 Betting Teams Already in Trouble

F1 betting is supposed to have two new teams on the board this year but the Campos Meta 1 and USF1 teams are already struggling.

Whether either one can get their cars to the first race in Bahrain in March is questionable in F1 betting and even if they do, their chances of doing anything in F1 odds seem remote.

F1 betting for the 2010 season opens upon on March 14th from Bahrain.  Whether the two new teams will have their cars at the race is still in question.  Both Campos and USF1 are reported to be having financial troubles already. With the F1 betting season just weeks away, neither team seems ready to compete.  USF1 has only one driver and Jose Maria Lopez was wondering if he was even going to have a job. If either of the teams doesn’t make the opening race in F1 betting at Bahrain there is a team that is ready to step in.  The Serbian team, Stefan GP is ready and willing to get involved and be on the F1 odds board right from the start.

David Richards, who is chairman of Aston Martin, wanted to get a team last year but the FIA went in a different direction.  Richards is not surprised that the new teams are struggling. "I am not too surprised at how difficult some of the teams are finding the challenge of both building the technical infrastructure and finding the finance to launch their F1 programs.” He said, “Had our original bid been accepted last June, we had the infrastructure and finance in place for the 2010 season. Now it is not practical for us to consider any involvement this year but we are certainly ready to consider any future opportunities."  It could be that only one of the new teams survives.  There were rumors that Lopez was going to Campos but USF1 is trying to keep everyone on board.

What is clear is that neither the Campos nor the USF1 team is going to be any kind of threat in F1 odds.  New teams can face difficulty anyway and in the case of these two, that could be an understatement in F1 betting. Last year it was Jenson Button winning the driver’s title in F1 betting. This year he is one of the contenders in F1 odds along with Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher who has come out of retirement.