Nashville Superspeedway Indy Car Betting at SBG Global

Tennessee has long been the cradle of NASCAR betting, but Indy car betting has also proven very popular in these parts.

Nashville is much better known for its musical roots than racing, but on July 12 the Indy car betting world will be focused on the city -not to catch its honky-tonk- but rather to soak up the bet on Indy car action of the Firestone Indy 200. When the Indy car betting circuit sets up shop at the Nashville Super Speedway you can be sure that the stands will be full of people eager to watch a bet on Indy car event.

The Nashville track is one of the fastest that the Indy car betting drivers will race on throughout the season. At one mile and 1/3 long it’s not the longest track to host an Indy car betting event, but compared to short tracks and road courses, bet on Indy car drivers can really fly on this track. In qualifying drivers can easily exceed 200 miles an hour and lap speed for an Indy car betting event approaches 150 mph. For fans that love Indy car betting and love speed, this bet on Indy car racing event is the perfect combination of both.

Last year New Zealand dynamo Scott Dixon took the checkered flag to win the Indy car betting action. But this comes as little surprise to most Indy car betting fans as Dixon has made a career of winning the bet on Indy car events held in Nashville.  In fact, he won the last three consecutive Indy car betting events held at the super speedway. And not surprisingly, he is the favorite again this year to claim his fourth Indy car betting crown. Dixon has been among the best in the Indy car betting field this season and if he could get a win here in Nashville, he’ll be well positioned to claim yet another Indy car betting championship.

He’ll have plenty of competition from the other top drives in Indy car betting, but for some reason he seems to have it all figured out at the Nashville track and it will take mighty effort from his Indy car betting competition to derail his efforts.