NASCAR Betting’s Most Popular Drivers at SBG Global

NASCAR betting is personality driven sport. In fact, online NASCAR betting, more so than almost any sport is star driven almost to the point of personality cult.

Hardcore fans love their NASCAR betting and they love their favorite drivers. In NASCAR betting, top drivers in the sport attract such a following that you can almost predict what effect betting patterns based on emotional attachment to a driver will have on the online NASCAR betting odds. No matter what the odds are for a certain race you can be sure that they will narrow as the race grows near for such racing heroes as Dale Junior.

Speaking of Dale Junior, no driver in any motor racing sport enjoys the adoration that he does when it comes to NASCAR betting. Every online NASCAR betting site is swamped with betting requests for the talented young driver. Earhnardt is a very talented young driver and humble, telegenic and likeable young man, but much of his personality cult with NASCAR betting circles also has to do with is lineage.

For fans of the sport before online NASCAR betting even existed, Dale Senior “the Intimidator” was the Elvis Presley of NASCAR betting. He was the most popular –and most successful- driver of his area or nearly any era before or after. NASCAR betting fans still deify the deceased driver with race day shrines, bumper stickers, decals, t-shirts and other NASCAR betting paraphernalia which remains highly popular among fans. Tragically his early and untimely racing death seems to have sealed his fate as the most popular driver in the history of NASCAR betting.

But before the man in black even set foot on a NASCAR betting track the original King of the sport was the legendary Richard Petty. Petty still enjoys enormous fame throughout the world of NASCAR betting and many fans would probably still bet on the elder statesman of the sport were he to step into a car and race to today. His legendary powder blue and orange STP race car is an icon in the sport and widely recognized even by the younger online NASCAR betting generation.

Personality cult also works the opposite way as well. As much as NASCAR betting fans love to lavish praise on their favorite drivers they love to disparage the unpopular drivers nearly as much. Jeff Gordon, while enjoying a large NASCAR betting following of his own, is also the most hated man in the sport and receives equal measure of applause and lusty boos every time his name is announced. And as for the new breed of foreign drivers trying to cut their teeth in NASCAR betting competition, they receive more rage from fans than the most popular drivers on the circuit receive praise.

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