NASCAR Betting on the 2009 Pocono 500 at SBG Global

September 25th, 2017 Auto Racing

NASCAR betting will undoubtedly be popular during the 2009 Pocono 500. This entertaining race, held in Pennsylvania, has grown in popularity over the years and is guaranteed to provide lots of NASCAR betting excitement.

Gamblers looking for the best value for NASCAR betting online will want to carefully evaluate each driver and his chances of crossing the finish line first.

NASCAR betting on the Pocono 500 involves wagering on a race held on one of NASCAR’s more interesting tracks. This super-speedway is two and a half miles long and shaped like a triangle, with different types of turns at each corner. Moreover, the huge front straight inevitably features lots of passing and jockeying for position before the drivers go into the following turn. Because the track is somewhat unique, one must consider unique NASCAR betting factors if one wants to enjoy successful NASCAR betting online on the Pocono 500.

For instance, NASCAR betting enthusiasts should analyze each driver’s ability to handle the different types of turns the course features. Additionally, NASCAR betting fans should analyze drivers’ abilities to maintain or gain position while screaming down the front straight.

As the Pocono 500 track is somewhat unique, one strategy for NASCAR betting online on this event is to wager on past winners. NASCAR betting veterans know that no racer has won consecutive Pocono 500s, yet Jeff Gordon has won the event twice, most recently in 2007. Some other recent winners sure to attract NASCAR betting attention are Kasey Kahne, Denny Hamlin, Carl Edwards, and Jimmie Johnson. Johnson and Kyle Busch are both racing extremely well this year, but NASCAR betting on Gordon at your favorite online sportsbook still makes a lot of sense for this event. The unique nature of the track and Gordon’s proven capacity to win at Pocono should warrant at least strong consideration from those gamblers NASCAR betting online.

However, many NASCAR betting fans will place wagers on more than one driver to win the race, so in that case one can easily choose to wager on Gordon and another one or two racers. One NASCAR betting strategy would be to wager on a less likely winner with a larger payoff, such as Hamlin, while other NASCAR betting fans will prefer to stick with the favored racers like Johnson and Busch. To choose which NASCAR betting strategy will work best for you, simply assess the different drivers and decide which ones offer the most value at the sports book of your choice based on their chances of winning and their respective NASCAR betting odds.

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