Nascar Betting officially opened at SBG Global

NASCAR betting is full of suspense and excitement, and this is all before the season has officially opened.

As every auto racing betting fan in their right mind knows, the NASCAR betting universe has its attention firmly focused on Daytona Beach, Florida this week as stock car racing’s biggest event will be staged their on Sunday.  NASCAR betting should expect the unexpected as this is shaping up to be one of the most exciting race season in recent NASCAR betting memory.

NASCAR betting fans are used to their share of drama and side plots and it seems the bigger the event the more the drama.  There are so many sub-plots to this year’s main event that it’s hard to know where to begin.  One of the biggest events this off season was the move of Dale Earnhardt Jr from his late father’s DEI team to Hendrick Motorsports.  It was something that NASCAR betting fans knew was possible but that none really expected. 

What makes the move even more intriguing is that according to auto racing betting sources it was sour relationship with his step-mother that caused the move.  Meanwhile she’s still running DEI and will be competing against Jr and his new team at NASCAR betting’s inaugural event on Sunday in Daytona.  Jr is off to great start with a new team and very fast car as he won last week’s NASCAR betting primer Shootout event, and felt very good with the way his car performed.  There is no doubt that this storyline will be closely followed by the NASCAR betting nation throughout the week.

That may be the biggest NASCAR betting story of the week, but a close second will be the feud brewing between drivers Tony Stewart and Kurt Busch.  The two men had some heated exchanges over the weekend and according to auto racing betting analysts the confrontation came to blows in the pits, although no one from either camp has confirmed that.  NASCAR betting officials were forced to call a meeting and warned the men to keep their emotions off the track.  Stewart has not been known for his cool-headlines in past NASCAR betting events and this is perhaps something to keep an eye.

One more major story line that will be in play in Sunday’s auto racing betting event at Daytona will be Hendrick’s quest total domination in NASCAR betting.  The team was far and the best last year with the top two drivers in the NASCAR betting competition and with the addition of Earnhardt it’s even stronger.  In the shoot out event, the drivers finished first, third and fourth, respectively.