NASCAR Betting off to a crazy star at SBG Global

NASCAR betting is always of crazy and interesting story lines. There are of course driver moves, driver feuds and as with any type of auto racing betting scandals of every type imaginable.

Carl Edwards so far in the early part of the 2008 NASCAR betting season has been the object of both success and scandal and that’s just during the first month of the season.

NASCAR betting fans have been treated to some pretty good racing so far this season and strictly going by on track results Edwards has been the best of the best so far in the early stages of this auto racing betting season. However, if you were to go by the point standings, which is really the only thing that counts in NASCAR betting you’d see in fact that Edwards is not the NASCAR betting leader. Even though he’s won two of the first three races in the NASCAR betting season he sits seventh in the NASCAR betting points standings.

The reason why Edwards sits 79 points behind NASCAR betting points leader Kyle Busch is the fact that his team was docked 100 points in his last race, in what has become the biggest scandal of the year in auto racing betting. At Las Vegas Edwards lucked into a great position and with a final caution, after the green flag dropped he found himself in the lead with two laps left. He out-raced his NASCAR betting competition and sped to auto racing betting victory.

However, in the process he did so without his oil tank cap on that cost him a huge 100-point deduction in the NASCAR betting points. Without the cap the air around the car and engine circulates more freely creating an estimated ten extra pounds of down force which can make all the difference in NASCAR betting events. It will be interesting to see if Edwards can make the ground up in the upcoming NASCAR betting events. With months of racing ahead he’s almost assuredly capable of doing so, but nonetheless his it won’t be easy for his auto racing betting team to escape the label of “cheater”.