NASCAR Betting Line Moves at SBG Global

NASCAR betting lines are some of the most volatile in all of sports betting.

You will see NASCAR betting matchups on the board before a race and if you monitor the line movement you will see many of the matchups take money on only one side. The question is whether these line moves are any good when it comes to betting NASCAR racing. NASCAR betting is a bit different than other types of sports betting.  You have two basic options for betting NASCAR racing.  You can bet on a driver to win the race and you can bet the matchups.

Rarely will you see much line movement on drivers to win a race but you will see huge line movement on the matchups.  That is where most people put the majority of their money in NASCAR betting.  You will see a number of matchups on the sportsbook board and on nearly every one of these matchups the line moves substantially one way or the other. That does not mean, however, that these NASCAR betting line moves always win. 

They don’t.  In NASCAR betting it doesn’t take much to move a line so a sportsbook can easily get overloaded on one side.  NASCAR is so unpredictable though that a crash or an equipment failure can take a driver out of the race at anytime.  This makes betting NASCAR racing unpredictable. 

You might have a NASCAR betting matchup on Tony Stewart against Carl Edwards with Stewart opening as a -140 favorite.  If he qualifies well or if Edwards qualifies poorly, Stewart might get bet up to -180 or more.  That is a healthy line move in NASCAR betting but it is not unusual.  These NASCAR betting line moves don’t always win though.  Unlike other sports betting line moves, you almost never see gamblers coming back and taking the other side.  In football or basketball you will see the line move one way and then come back a little bit.  This almost never happens in NASCAR betting.  If the line moves one way it keeps moving that way until the race begins.

Betting NASCAR racing is definitely exciting and following the NASCAR betting line moves is always interesting.  You can’t just blindly follow the line moves and make money but you rarely want to be going against them in NASCAR.