International drivers having tough time in NASCAR Betting at SBG Global

NASCAR betting fans have been witness to a new phenomenon this season.

Auto racing betting has long been a very international sport, but in terms of international drivers, NASCAR betting has lagged far behind. This year has been the first year that international drivers have been a part of NASCAR betting and so far they have faired very poorly.

NASCAR betting fans have been very mixed in their reception of the foreign drivers. In fact, it has been almost embarrassing the way the NASCAR betting fans have failed to embrace the new drivers. More than that, it seems that the NASCAR betting fans have gone out of their way to be inhospitable. During all the pre-race introductions the loudest boos -of which there are many at NASCAR betting events- are unanimously reserved for the international drivers. There are also a number of unbecoming comments unbecoming of any NASCAR betting enthusiast, hurled at the drivers.

The auto racing betting world has been watching on curiously to see if this experiment will work out. Through three NASCAR betting events the obvious answer would be no. But fortunately there are many NASCAR betting events left this year and things will likely improve.

Juan Pablo Montoya the former Formula One driver is the best known of the foreign drivers and is coming off an impressive NASCAR betting rookie campaign. He ran well enough at Daytona to be in the top two with only a few laps left, but his car simply wasn’t fast enough to keep up with the other NASCAR betting vehicles at the end. And that is also part of the problem with the new drivers; they race on teams that don’t yet have the know-how to compete with NASCAR betting veterans. Chip Ganassi’s team for example, the auto racing team that Montoya drivers for, is new to NASCAR betting but is learning quickly.

Two other foreign born drivers in the NASCAR betting this season, Dario Francitti and Patrick Carpentier are lingering at the back of the NASCAR betting points. But with only a few NASCAR betting events their belts they are certain to improve with more experience.