NASCAR Betting Amounts at SBG Global

NASCAR betting is similar in some respects to other forms of sports betting.

If you want to win at NASCAR betting then you need to understand money management and you need to understand the amounts you wager on each race. Part of money management is discipline and that very often means controlling your amounts when betting NASCAR racing. NASCAR betting for some people is just wagering on a race with the money they have in their pocket.

People think of their NASCAR betting bankroll as something they can lose and they don’t properly allocate the amounts of their wagers.  For example, let’s say that a player has a $1000 bankroll for a weekend of NASCAR betting.  He starts off with looking at some of the NASCAR betting matchups and plays five of them for a $100 each.  That is half of his overall NASCAR betting bankroll.  That is way too high a percentage per play.  His amount per NASCAR betting matchup is 10% of his overall bankroll.  That is suicidal. 

The proper betting percentage should be 5% or less, preferably 2% or less.  Let’s say this player struggles and goes 1-4 when betting NASCAR racing matchups.  He is now down at least $300 and probably more since NASCAR betting matchups are rarely even money.  He could easily be down $500 or more.  This gambler is now in panic mode and will bet whatever looks good to him to try and get his money back.

Let’s look at the previous example again.  Let’s say you have a rough day and go 1-4 and lose $500 or so. If you only bet 2% of your $1,000 bankroll then suddenly you lost just $150 or so and you can regroup next weekend when you are betting NASCAR racing.  The following week you might even increase you wagers to maybe 3% and have a great day and get everything back.  The gambler that bet 10% per wager lost control and is now in panic mode.  You are in action for next week and beyond.  And it is because you controlled the amounts of your wagers properly based on your overall NASCAR betting bankroll. If you want to win money when betting NASCAR racing then you need to accept the reality that amounts should be less than 5% of your overall bankroll.  The professionals keep that amount at 2% or less.  If you want to win at NASCAR betting then you need to do the same thing.