Indy Car Odds at the Infineon raceway at SBG Global

California is known for many things but hardly any pictures the Golden State as a bastion of Indy car odds competition -or any type of motor racing for that matter.

But the huge state has produced a slew of NASCAR champions and hosts some of the most interesting events in racing -Indy car betting odds or otherwise. Thanks to the construction of the Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, the state now hosts a legion of top flight events including the Motorola Indy 300 Indy car betting odds events.

California is probably best known racing circles for being the home state of Jeff Gordon and Jimmy Johnson, both NASCAR champs. But the state also has plenty of ties to Indy car odds as well and the Motorola event at the Infineon Raceway is simply the latest addition to the Indy car betting odds world. This event, in the middle of wine country is a prefect for an Indy car odds event as its closed circuit layout challenges the racing skills of the drivers but is not such a huge departure from the oval racing to disqualify the oval specialists from possible Indy car betting odds success.

The race track has plenty of twists and turns but is much milder than most closed circuits used in open wheeled racing and in the Indy car odds world.  The course also has several layouts which depending on which one is chosen can make the track Indy car odds track resemble an oval track even more closely. The Indy car odds layout most commonly used is the shorter 2.2 mile circuit which replaces a long hairpin turn with rounded right angle turn which is more comfortable for many of the Indy car betting odds drivers.

Last year’s winner was Scott Dixon who claimed his first Indy car odds win at the track. This Indy car odds event is relatively new and the only other drivers with an Indy car odds win here are Tony Kanaan and Marco Andretti.  Andretti could be a dark horse favorite in the Indy car odds here.  He’s ran well all year and seems to have a knack for this type of Indy car odds course.