F1 Auto Racing Odds competition at SBG Global

The F1 racing odds competition so far in the 2008 racing season has been as good as any one could have hoped for.

Auto racing betting odds makers had hoped that the season would prove competitive with all the off season team moves and so far the auto racing odds fans have not been disappointed. At the exact mid-point of the auto racing odds season there are three drivers deadlocked at 48 points appease -a tighter auto racing betting odds race could not have been hoped for!

With the competition so tight and the drivers battling tooth and nail for even the slightest advantage in the auto racing odds this year should see an epic finish to the season. Coming into the season Great Britain’s Lewis Hamilton looked to be the favorite to win the auto racing odds title. After a stellar rookie season in which the McLaren driver surrendered his auto racing betting odds lead on the final day of the season, it seemed as though, with a year of maturity under his belt, he would smoke the auto racing betting odds competition. Considering that his main rival Fernando Alonso would be driving with a new team (Renault) it seemed as though Hamilton might walk away with the auto racing odds title.

But Ferrari has had something to say about such notions and defending auto racing odds champ Kimi Raikkonen has been out to prove that last year was no fluke. His teammate Brazilian Felipe Massa would also has put the auto racing odds world on notice that he was the driver meant to take over for the departed Schummi and would love to add another auto racing betting odds title to the Italian team.

Heading into the second half of the season these three drivers are deadlocked in the auto racing odds. Each driver has shown his strength and weaknesses through the auto racing odds competition so far. Hamilton is as strong as a talent was we’ve seen in F1 since perhaps the great Schumacher. But it would seem that Raikkonen and Massa would have the advantage in the auto racing odds -being teammates they aide one another and box out Hamilton if the racing gets tight.

It will be quite interesting to see how the F1 auto racing odds battle plays out in the second half of the season and it’s even possible that a dark horse emerges to battle for the title.