Does Sebastian Vettel Have a Chance in 2015?

August 17, 2015 Auto Racing

Formula 1 cars in raceAs of the middle part of August, there seems to be a three-way race for the top driver in Formula One with nine races to go. The races in Belgium, Italy, Singapore, Japan, the United States and United Arab Emirates have yet to take place in this exciting and winding Formula One season.

Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton has 202 points as of ten races while teammate Nico Rosberg has 181. Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel is in the back with 160 points.

Vettel won the Hungarian Grand Prix for his second win in the 2015 season recently. Still, the odds for him to actually win the 2015 Formula One championship are not all that strong.

Vettel currently has +1400 betting odds to win the 2015 title. This is compared with the -500 for Hamilton and the +450 for Rosberg.

There is always a potential for Vettel to actually pull of the upset and win the 2015 title. He has had plenty of success in many of the races that he’ll be competing in. He has won three Singapore Grand Prix events and two Italian Grand Prix victories. He has also managed to stay active has held seven podium finishes so far this year. The potential for him to keep the momentum he’s gotten throughout the season is very strong.

The fact that Hamilton and Rosberg could potentially struggle is a noteworthy point to see as well. These drivers respectively finished in sixth and eighth place during the Hungarian Grand Prix not too long ago. This helped Vettel to catch up by more than fifteen points on each driver, thus putting him at a better chance to at least catch up this year.

The potential for Sebastian Vettel to catch up and win the title is still evident, what with there being so much time left in the season. However, he will need to get a good winning streak going if he is to potentially catch up and actually win the 2015 Formula One title.

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