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November 30, 2010 Auto Racing

Daytona 500 betting fans are crazy with excitement as the date of the big event marches ever closer.

On February 17, 2009 the legion of NASCAR betting crazies will descend upon a generally sleep town in central Florida and indulge in Daytona 500 betting until their hearts are content. This year, as has happened in recent years, the crowd will much more diverse than in previous years and there is likely to be much more than simply the red neck contingent trying their hand at the Daytona 500 betting.

Daytona 500 betting has for years been the domain of southern red neck yokels. But because of the huge excitement stirred up at Daytona 500 betting events the Daytona 500 betting and many other race betting has began to spread among the populace in general. A decade ago if you ran a comb through the crowd in the bleachers of the bleachers at the Daytona 500 you would likely see 400,000 of mostly the same person with perhaps a variation of their mullets here or there. Now, if you were to take a sampling of Daytona 500 betting fans at the track you would likely get a very diverse sampling indeed.

NASCAR betting in general and Daytona 500 betting specifically have really broadened their appeal in recent years and nowadays you’re likely to see any type of person you can imagine at a NASCAR betting event and this is especially so when it comes to Daytona 500 betting. And that’s the beauty of the sport, the fact that it appeals to such a wide range of fans. Anyone can and does try their hand at Daytona 500 betting and most people get a huge thrill out of it.

In terms of ethnicity there still is not as much diversity as you might find at the NBA Finals or the Super Bowl, but slowly but surely this demographic is also changing for the better. For many decades the only group interested in Daytona 500 betting was white males. Eventually Daytona 500 betting also attracted a larger number of females but inclusion of different races into the Daytona 500 betting fold has been much slower.

Much of this is easy to understand considering the racial history of south, home of most NASCAR betting events, but in at least one minority Daytona 500 betting and NASCAR betting seems to be taking off: the Latino community. The fastest growing class of minority in the US has taken to Daytona 500 betting with a vengeance and the numbers keep rising. This development has been great for the sport and great for promoting racial harmony.

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