Daytona 500 Betting gets in blood at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 Auto Racing
Daytona 500 betting is something that gets into your blood stream like a virus and then is virtually impossible to get rid of.

There are all kinds of people and NASCAR betting fans alike that have tried to rid themselves of this affliction but their efforts have proven all but fruitless. But for anyone not familiar with the intricacies of Daytona 500 betting is almost impossible to understand what a huge race for Daytona 500 betting this event really is.

Daytona 500 betting is the grand daddy of stock car motor sports. There is simply no other event on the NASCAR betting circuit like the weekend of Daytona 500 betting. For people that don’t follow stock car racing and NASCAR in particular it is difficult to imagine exactly what all the hype is about. The best way to try and understand Daytona 500 betting is simply to watch and observe and try and not catch the Daytona 500 betting fever like everyone else.

The race has a very long and rich history and it’s one of the top sporting events in the United States right now. The competition is fierce and the crowds are borderline out of control. For racing purists stock car racing is something of an ugly step child but even the biggest purist, having experienced the thrill of Daytona 500 racing would be pushed to change their views. Stock car racing in itself is thoroughly exciting affair, but Daytona 500 betting is simply taking it to another level. It’s like NASCAR betting on steroids it’s so huge.

Imagine the Super Bowl, March Madness and the NBA Finals all rolled into one –that’s how huge Daytona 500 betting is. It is the face of the sport and anyone who knows virtually nothing about the sport can at least tell you that Daytona 500 betting is the pinnacle of the sport.

In fact, Daytona 500 betting is the Super Bowl of NASCAR betting. It is the biggest event in one of the biggest sports in America and once you try it there is simply no going back. However, the one thing that strikes most people and casual fans as strange about Daytona 500 betting is the fact that it opens the season rather than ends it. Most sports fans would expect the biggest event to be the grand finale, but in fact it’s actually the beginning. Could you imagine the Super Bowl kicking off the NFL season? Pretty cool, huh?