Auto Racing Betting Lines Season at SBG Global

Auto racing betting lines enthusiasts and critics all had an opinion regarding Dale Earnhardt Jr’s decision to abandon DEI for Hendrick Motor Sports last season.

Many fans were pleased and optimistic, but the overwhelming majority of auto racing betting pundits widely panned the decision and declared it a poor auto racing betting lines decision before Junior had even run his first race. With five events down in the 2008 auto racing betting lines season so far, Junior has handled his critics with ease meeting with great success in the auto racing betting so far.

Auto racing betting lines are never an easy thing to predict but all those people that attacked Junior’s decision to move teams have been served a huge helping of auto racing betting humble pie. Still, there was some reason to perhaps question how well Junior would do in the world auto racing betting lines on his new team. After missing the Chase last season and looking generally average many auto racing betting lines fans began to question his driving ability and with good reason. Still other auto racing betting lines pundits thought it was suicide for the star to move to team with two of biggest names in NASCAR Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon. Auto racing betting lines critics said he would be suffocated by the stardom of the two Hendrick drivers and many even questioned whether he had the talent to keep up in the auto racing betting with either.

But since the start of the auto racing betting lines season Junior has proved more than capable. In fact, amidst the talented stable of Hendrick drivers, Junior has proven the most talented in the auto racing betting. Through the first five auto racing betting lines of the season he’s sitting in fifth place in the driver standings with three top five finishes and four top tens. Throughout ever auto racing betting lines even he’s run he’s looked very fast and failed to win only due to bad luck and pit strategies. He’ll win his first auto racing betting lines for Hendrick soon enough and silence his critics once and for all.