Bet on Auto Racing

Auto racing betting is available nearly all year long as NASCAR, Formula one and Indy car drivers compete for their respective championships.

Auto racing betting gives gamblers the options of picking a driver to win an individual race or the option to bet a driver in a matchup.

Auto racing betting can be profitable if you select the right driver to win the race or to win a matchup. Oftentimes in auto racing betting it can be difficult to select a driver to win a race since there are so many drivers competing against one another. In NASCAR there are 43 drivers competing against one another in a race but in reality only the top 10 or 20 have any chance to win. In Formula One racing there are far fewer drivers and realistically only a few have a chance to win. Indy car racing is similar to Formula One since only a few drivers realistically have a chance to win each week as you look at betting on auto racing.

Many gamblers that get involved in auto racing betting look at the matchups as the best way to make money. Matchups as you are betting on auto racing pit one driver against another. The auto racing betting matchups are made by the sportsbook and have one driver against another. In reality the two drivers are not racing against each other but against the entire field. In an auto racing betting matchup, however, all you care about is your driver finishing better than the other driver. Auto racing betting matchups are based on a money line. For example, you might have one driver at -150 and the other driver at +130. You would be laying $150 to win $100 or the 15/10 equivalent or you would be getting $130 for every $100 wagered or the 10/13 equivalent. Matchups are the favorite way that most gamblers get involved when betting on auto racing.

Auto racing betting can be exciting for gamblers around the world. Whether it is betting a driver to win a race or betting a driver in an auto racing betting matchup, excitement can last all year long. Take a look at the different auto racing betting options available to you today.