Betting NASCAR and the Pocono 500 at SBG Global

For some fans, the short track sprints are simply the top of the betting NASCAR odds food chain while others may prefer a different locale for sentimental or personal reasons.

But whatever your tastes in betting NASCAR locations may be, it’s tough to find a betting NASCAR odds fan that does not appreciate the Pocono 500 and its very unique dimensions. Betting NASCAR fans have many different tracks to choose from but there is no other track in the betting NASCAR odds quite like the track in Long Pond, PA.

Long famous for all types of racing the Pocono track has grown into a racing institution -whether it’s betting NASCAR events or otherwise. At 2.5 miles in length, the track is one of the longest in NASCAR betting and the same length as the Daytona super speedway. However, fans betting NASCAR odds should not expect the same high speed action as at Daytona. The two tracks, aside from having the same length are about as different as you can get in betting NASCAR venues.

The Daytona track, with its long straight-aways and steep banking creates one of the fastest environs in betting NASCAR. However, the tri-oval at Pocono with relatively flat corners is not a very forgiving track, nor does it accommodate the same kind of speed that betting NASCAR fans have grown accustomed to. There is no doubt that this course is a special challenge for most betting NASCAR odds drivers and wrecks and spinouts are not uncommon.

Jeff Gordon is the defending champ at this betting NASCAR event. Barring a miracle it doesn’t seem as though he’ll repeat as the betting NASCAR odds event winner. The past winner’s list reads like a who’s who of NASCAR betting greats. But there has never been a back-to-back winner here and with Gordon’s poor performance in the betting NASCAR odds so far he’s not likely to be the first.

The special challenges of this track are not ones usually encountered at betting NASCAR events and it takes a talented all-around driver to achieve success here. For that reason it might be worthwhile keeping an eye on the former open wheel drivers like Juan Pablo Montoya at this betting NASCAR event.