NASCAR Odds for the Chicagoland 400 at SBG Global

NASCAR odds may have grown accustomed to seeing NASCAR betting odds for the eponymously named Chicagoland 400.

But in the 2008 NASCAR odds season there will be no NASCAR betting odds for this event. As with so many races in this era of over aggressively sponsored NASCAR odds events the Chicagoland 400’s name has been changed to the 400.

NASCAR odds fans may not be accustomed yet to seeing .com behind the names of their NASCAR betting odds events, but they better get used to it. It appears that this is the wave of the future in terms of NASCAR odds races and the novelty will soon wear off. And when it does all that will remain is the great NASCAR odds action that there has always been.

The Chicagoland Speedway which hosts the LifeLock event is a real dazzler. It’s a unique 1.5 miler that will provide plenty of challenges for drivers and NASCAR betting odds fans alike. Located just outside Chicago, hence the name, the race track is one of the few in the country located within spitting distance of a major city. Built in 2001 this track is a jack of all trades as it hosts much more than just the NASCAR odds nation. This track also hosts several Indy car events each year and various other open wheeled racing on top of the NASCAR odds events in both the Sprint Cup and Nationwide series.

As such this track doesn’t have the classic feel of a NACAR odds short track. But a mile and a half it’s not tight enough to be short track and not nearly long enough to be a super speedway either in the minds of most NASCAR odds fans; and so, it’s perhaps best to call the track a ‘tweener’ which is NASCAR betting odds vernacular for an in between track.

Last year’s champ Tony Stewart will be out for a repeat and racing so close to his home state of Indiana there will surely be a large contingent of NASCAR odds fans there to support him. He’s done well on this length of track in the past and will be among the NASCAR odds favorites in 2008.a