Parlay & Teaser AFL Betting Odds

AFL Betting odds go well beyond pointspreads, over/unders, and money lines as there are many other ways to participate and win money

Two popular options in AFL odds are parlays and teasers. Let’s look at little bit at parlays and teasers versus AFL betting odds.

AFL betting odds are under the radar a bit but parlays and teasers can be interesting choices for gamblers. Parlays can be a highly popular form of wagering with both “big time” and “small time” gamblers as you can win a lot of money in payouts for just a little money put up versus AFL betting odds. A parlay is a group of plays merged into one single play in which all of the games must win for the parlay wager to win against AFL betting odds, which pays off better if it does come through. This means on a six team parlay, if you pick five winners and one loser the entire parlay bet loses because of that one loss versus AFL odds. It is sometimes easier to win a parlay versus AFL betting odds if you keep them to 2, 3 or 4 team parlays.

A teaser is similar to a parlay with the difference being you get points added to your wagers. What happens with a teaser is that you sacrifice the higher payouts for the additional points versus AFL betting odds. For example, in teasers you can get those extra 6 or 7 points and turn a loss into a win. Teasers are popular with bettors because of the additional points and the ability to win games that would have been losers in AFL betting odds. The three team and four team teasers are usually the most popular among gamblers looking at AFL odds.

Some gamblers won’t play parlays or teasers versus AFL betting odds but there can be some value. If you are able to find one great play you can “key” that play into multiple parlays versus AFL odds. With teasers you may be able to teaser up or down onto key numbers in AFL betting odds such as 3, 7 or 14. That can be helpful when you are wagering versus AFL betting odds.