Analyzing AFL Betting Odds at SBG Global

November 30th, 2010 Arena Football

AFL betting odds can be analyzed in different ways but keeping things simple is always best.

Let’s take a brief look at how the AFL betting odds work and break down the ingredients that make up the line.

AFL betting odds are set up where gamblers can either lay points with the favorite or take points with the underdog. For example if you see a line that reads Dallas -3 over San Jose you have the option of taking the Desperados and lay the three points or you can take the three points with the SaberCats. If Dallas wins by more than three points in AFL betting odds you win your wager. If San Jose wins the game or loses by 1 or 2 points you would win if you wagered on San Jose in AFL betting odds. If Dallas won by exactly three points the game is a push or a tie versus AFL odds and all bets are refunded. Now keep in mind, beyond that number in which a team must “cover” to win the bet, there is also that ten-percent “vig/juice” that you must deal with in AFL betting odds. No matter how much you want to win, you must put up an extra ten percent in stake money which is the sportsbook fee for covering all of the AFL betting odds action. This means that if you wanted the Desperados-3 for $500, you would have to put up $550 versus AFL odds. If you wanted the SaberCats at +3, for $500, you would also have to put up $550 versus AFL odds.

What this should illustrate is that the AFL betting odds are set up to attract action on both sides of a matchup, so that the house can simply pick up the “vig” and be assured of a profit. In other words, if the AFL betting odds makers do their job, the house can’t lose. Ultimately, this should tell you that the AFL odds are not set on merit but on consumer demand and perception.

AFL betting odds are interesting to consider each week during the regular season and the playoffs. They are the most popular on Monday nights when ESPN 2 televises the game. TV games are always more popular because gamblers love to watch their bets in action and wager on AFL betting odds.

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