AFL Betting Odds & Totals

AFL betting odds include over/under wagering, also known as “totals.”

Too often bettors forget all about totals when they look at AFL betting odds. Let’s examine AFL betting odds, specifically totals.

AFL betting odds when we talk about totals are really under analyzed and ignored for the most part. In many ways this is the equivalent of how special teams constantly get overlooked in football. For those who are not familiar with totals let’s explain. The over/under is a number set on the board by the AFL betting odds makers in which gamblers will then wager on whether or not the combined scored between the two teams in a matchup will go over or under that posted total in AFL odds. For example, if the over/under total posted on the board for the matchup between the San Jose SaberCats and the Los Angeles Avengers was 111, gamblers would then wager on whether or not the combined score between the SaberCats and Avengers would go over or under the AFL odds of 111. Let's say then, that the final score in the game was Los Angeles 53, San Jose 52. The combined score would be 105, which would make the game an “under” on the AFL betting odds board. Now let's say the Avengers won 65-60, for a combined score of 125. This would make the game an “over” on the AFL betting odds board.

Just as is the case with pointspread wagering, over/under wagering comes down to a matter of AFL odds board value. And ascertaining value on the AFL betting odds board often comes down to knowing how the gambling masses will bet, as that is where the value will not be. That means that games between defensive powers that are expected to be low scoring will have low totals posted. The opposite is true with explosive offensive matchups in AFL betting odds. This means low scoring games can still go over and high scoring games can still go under. It is all about relative value in the end versus AFL odds and you oftentimes want to go against conventional wisdom.

As you look at AFL betting odds this season don’t forget about totals. They sometimes give you as much or more value than pointspread sides in AFL betting odds.