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Carolina Panthers 10 Final
Denver Broncos 24

NBA Basketball Betting: The Warriors the Real Deal?

NBA Basketball betting fans, here’s a question for you: How good are the Golden State Warriors? Seriously. Last night saw the Warriors put on a show and demolish the weak Sacramento Kings squad with a final score of 121-96. To call it one-sided would be an understatement. Right now the Warriors are on top with the best record in the NBA. Are they Championship quality material?

Super Bowl 50 Future odds analysis

If you are one to look ahead past last Sunday (read anybody that is not a fan of the Patriots) then you are probably thinking about next season and Super Bowl 50 Future Odds Analysis.

Super Bowl XLIX Betting Odds Recap

It is now the Monday after the Big Game, and we shift our attention to Super Bowl XLIX betting odds analysis after an epic and dramatic finish to the NFL season. To do so we will need to dial the clock back at least two weeks and look into what was going on in the sports betting universe the moment the two Conference Championship games ended.

Super Bowl XLIX Recap - Patriots Outlast Seahawks

It is time for your Super Bowl XLIX recap! Fans all around the world are left to think and discuss about the outcome of an epic clash of titans. But the fact of the matter is that The New England Patriots are your new World Champions as they beat the Seattle Seahawks in a game that will be remembered for years to come.

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