NCAA Playoff Team Set as Big 12 Gets Shut Out

Hello fans of betting on college football! After much talk and anticipation, the final standings have been released and we have now the final playoff picture. Regardless of the final standings, it was expected for the committee to have a controversial final decision, but more on that later. The final rankings are Alabama at No. 1, Oregon at No. 2, Florida State at No. 3, and Ohio State at No. 4.

More College Football Betting for Championship Weekend

Recently, we brought you the college football betting preview of the Championship Weekend. Today we bring you the second part of our preview!

NCAA Football Conference Championship Weekend Previews

Alright, college football betting fans, are you excited as us for this Championship Weekend? This is the weekend that will define EVERYTHING. So long season conjectures and “if” scenarios. This weekend will have us glued to our TVs watching the outcome of how the playoff will look come Tuesday next week. Plus, several other super exciting games (with silverware on the line) will be going on, so in order to help you out we will now take a look into some of the most highly expected games this weekend.

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