How Paying College Football Athletes Will Shake Up the NCAA

The NCAA 2014 football season could be in for some changes! Last week, a federal judge ruled that college athletes are entitled to a share of the billions of dollars their sports are capable of generating.

That follows the decision by the NCAA that colleges can loosen their recruitment regulations and pay college athletes stipends.

NFL and NCAA Football Games Speeding Up

The NFL is speeding up, so don't peel your eyes from the screen, take a bathroom break, or grab a beer because you might miss something. That is in one part a result of the hurry-up offenses that have increased the number snaps from center on a per-game basis. A sample is the Patriots: in 2013, they snapped the ball six times more per game than they did ten years ago; the Saints had four more snaps per game; and the Bills eight more times as most NFL teams are now using some type of hurry up offense.

2014 ACC Futures Odds Breakdown

With the 2014 NCAA Football season ready to begin, many fans are wondering why the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) is seeking more respect.

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