Top 3 Week 11 NCAA Football Picks

Week 11 is here and here are our top college football picks for another exciting week of action. The top teams are now in full playoff more mentality. Games are getting tougher and the stakes are getting higher and higher. So if you want to get ahead and get an inside track on which teams will overcome their games this week. We have selected some of the top matchups and we will give you our picks for them.

Top Four NFL Picks for Week 10

The regular season is reaching the most exciting times and NFL football betting is as exciting as ever. For this week, the phrase “playoff implications” is starting to be tossed around, and it is now that time where those teams serious about making it to the post season need to step up and claim their spot.

Betting Preview for Colts at Giants MNF Matchup

Week 9 is closing and for another week of NFL betting is time to preview tonight’s Monday Night Football matchup. This week the Indianapolis Colts will be facing the New York Giants, in a game that could be decisive for either franchise.

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