Five Bold Predictions for the 2014 NCAA Football Season

As the 2014 NCAA FB regular season starts this weekend, it’s time we make some predictions for this 2014 season that has brought a four-team playoff system.

What's an NFL Team Worth? 2014 Edition

With the NFL 2014 Regular Season set to start on the Thursday the 4th of September, we take a look at what the NFL teams are worth and which are the most valuable.

Even as the Bills of Buffalo struggle to get a bid over $1 billion and only two years after the Browns sold for $987 million, and a few weeks ago the Clippers on the NBA were sold for $1 billion -- the NFL has not quite lost its ranking as the most valuable sports league in the world.

How Paying College Football Athletes Will Shake Up the NCAA

The NCAA 2014 football season could be in for some changes! Last week, a federal judge ruled that college athletes are entitled to a share of the billions of dollars their sports are capable of generating.

That follows the decision by the NCAA that colleges can loosen their recruitment regulations and pay college athletes stipends.

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