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Arsenal Stronger vs. Bookmaker Odds with Fabregas

The bookmaker odds on Arsenal this season will be impacted again by captain Cesc Fabregas who will be staying with the team.

Arenas Could Impact Offshore Betting Odds Next Season

The star guard avoided jail time on Friday as he was sentenced to spend 30 days in a halfway house for his conviction on gun charges.

All-Star Pettitte Continues to Win vs. Online Bookmaker Odds

One of the best pitchers to back this season vs. the baseball odds at the online bookmaker has been New York’s Andy Pettitte.

76ers a Flop vs. Bookmaker Odds, Head Coach Fired

Bookmaker odds didn’t favor the Philadelphia 76ers very often this past NBA season and for good reason.

2009 Offshore Bookmaking at SBG Global

Offshore bookmaking sites are great places for bettors to wager on sports.
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