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How are the NHL Playoffs going so far?

NHL Playoffs AnalysisThe first round of the race for the Stanley cup is underway and NHL betting is intensifying as the action progresses. So far the series are far from over and while some teams might have gotten an interesting advantage, the lady has not even cleared her throat yet on any of the series. Let’s take a look on how the series are going and what can you expect to happen in the remainder of each of them.

NHL Betting 2016 Odds: Playoff Action Underway

2106 NHL Playoffs OddsIf you’re a fan who is into NHL betting, you know the 2015-16 Regular NHL Season ended this past weekend and the playoffs began this Wednesday April 13th 2016. The NHL Stanley Cup playoffs have four rounds with the best of seven series, and the 5-7th game will be played if required. 

Hockey Playoffs Western Conference Preview

Hockey Playoffs Western Conference Betting PreviewNHL Betting is at its most exciting, as the start of the race for the Stanley Cup reaches the Playoffs. Today SBG Global the best sportsbook to bet on NHL hockey, takes a closer look into the Western Conference and predict which teams are advancing to the next round. The East will produce some exciting matchups, but the west has some close contests in their own right, with the defending champs looking to make the Stanley Cup Hangover a thing of the past and win back-to-back championships.

NHL Eastern Conference Playoffs Preview

Hockey Playoffs Eastern Conference PredictionsThe most exciting time for NHL Betting fans is finally here and SBG Global, the best sportsbook to bet on NHL has your preview for the first round on the chase for the Stanley Cup. So many variables, so many story lines to follow, but in the end only the strong will survive. The first round will present some very interesting matchups for you to follow and we have for you today some exclusive predictions. 

Canucks of Vancouver vs. Sharks of San Jose Preview

Vancouver Canucks vs. San Jose Sharks Betting Preview - March 31As the 2015-16 NHL Regular season winds down and we think of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  The Canucks of Vancouver are playing at the Sharks of San Jose, both teams know their status regarding the playoffs as the Sharks are in and the Canucks are out.
But don’t let that persuade you as this Thursday night game with these 2 Pacific Division teams and strong rivals will not matter, as the Sharks seek to win all their remaining games for a better spot in the playoffs, while the Canucks now just want to be spoilers to the Sharks who have been their problematic team for the ultimate 2 seasons. 

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