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Don’t Sleep on Tampa Bay when Betting on Hockey

2016 NHL Betting PlayoffsWhen we were writing our betting on hockey preview of the NHL playoffs at the beginning we picked the Detroit Red Wings to beat the Tampa Bay Lightning in six games… we were wrong. We figured that Tampa’s struggles with injuries were going to be their downfall. Then, when we went back and checked on the series, we saw our mistake and picked the Lightning to handle Detroit. We predicted the outcome but, the Lightning did it in 5 games. 

Game 7’s for Everybody Betting on Hockey!

Stanley Cup Playoffs predictionsIf the Washington capitals beat the Pittsburg Penguins tonight fans beting on hockey can expect to see this Oprah meme all over the internet (you get a game seven, you get an game seven, everybody gets a game 7! Well, ‘cept you Islanders, sorry.) Last night we got treated to two very exciting series being taken to the final game on very evenly matched series. 

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Islanders Game 3

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Islanders Game 3 NHL Betting PreviewBetting on NHL playoffs second round series between the Lightning and the New York Islanders is what is called a toss-up. With the series tied one game apiece, tonight’s game 3 could be a turning point not only concerning who takes the lead, but also which team will eventually skate away with the series.

Sports Betting on the Second Round of the NHL Playoffs

Second Round of the NHL Playoffs Betting PredictionsThe Nashville Predators sealed the final ticket for the Second Round of the NHL Playoffs and sports betting now directs its attention to what’s next. Granted with the League’s bizarre schedule last night the West was defining the final ticket, while the East had the first game of the second round. Crazy start, but now we can get all in the same page and see who will make it to the Conference Finals. Here are our online betting predictions of who will move on, with the current series prices.

What does Betting on Hockey’s Grand Salami Really Mean?

Hockey Grand Salami really mean in the betting industryAre you betting on hockey and do not know what a Grand Salami is? There is no need to be ashamed of that. According to the last poll, 95% of new bettors admit to not knowing that either (disclaimer: poll and results may be imaginary). But with the NHL playoffs in full swing, it might literally pay off to become acquainted with this particular term. Basically, a Grand Salami is betting on the over/under total of goals in every hockey game played in a single day. That is that there is to it. Such sites as SBG Global sportsbook will include a Grand Salami option of total amount of away goals and home goals in a night’s action.
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