Analyzing Football Lines

Football lines, whether they are college football lines or NFL lines must be analyzed intelligently if you expect to make money.

If you are analyzing NFL lines then you should start by looking at each team’s defense. There is nothing that washes away your money faster than a team with no defense. There are other factors to analyze as well when you look at football lines and it is these we want to look at.

Football lines can be beaten if you find teams that are solid defensively.
Pro football bettors that wager on teams with solid defenses against the football lines will usually find themselves in a position to win their bets and be in most every game that they wager on. While defense is the most important characteristic that a gambler must research when analyzing pro football lines it is far from the only factor. In this day and age and era of pro football in which the talent is so evenly spread between the teams and mediocrity is the norm, coaching is yet another important factor for a sports gambler to take into account when looking at football lines. While a pro football coach may not have the same impact that a college football coach does, the coach may have never been as important and critical to a team’s success as is the case today. All a gambler looking at football lines has to do is check out the names of the Super Bowl winning coaches since Lombardi in Super Bowl I. There are no stiffs on that list.

Organizational stability is another key component to analyzing football lines. Teams that are constantly changing personnel directors, coaches, coordinators, etc. are rarely successful for any length of time and often quite unreliable against the football lines because of their lack of consistency with philosophy and approach.

Quarterback remains an important part of the equation when you analyze college and NFL lines. While defense has taken over as the most important characteristic of a great pro team, a quarterback can often carry a team to wins that it otherwise wouldn’t have achieved versus the NFL lines. A team with a good defense and a quarterback that limits mistakes is often a solid bet against the football lines.