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Rugby-like Oklahoma State Cowboys host West Virginia

West Virginia againts Oklahoma State Betting PreviewThe No. 10 undefeated West Virginia Mountaineers head toward Boone Pickens Stadium in Stillwater as the NCAA football betting favorite to defeat the Oklahoma State Cowboys on Saturday, October 29th. Here are the online sportsbook odds:

West Virginia -3½ (-110) 65 (-110) -175
Oklahoma State +3½ (-110) 65 (-110) +155

No, Virginia, there is no Santa Claus; there is Lamar

Louisville vs. Virginia Betting PreviewThe Virginia Cavaliers will be NCAA football betting underdogs when they receive a visit they will be glad only comes once a year; Lamar Jackson and the Louisville Cardinals. The online sportsbook odds for this game on Saturday, October 29th at Scott Stadium in Charlottesville stand thus:
Louisville -31 (-110) 69 (-110) -8100
Virginia +31 (-110) 69 (-110) +3400

The Freedom Trophy isn’t free: Nebraska vs. Wisconsin

Nebraska vs. Wisconsin College Football BettingThe Wisconsin Badgers are the NCAA football betting the favorites to win the Freedom Trophy against the Nebraska Cornhuskers on Saturday, October 29th at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison. Nonetheless, it will be a hard fought battle; after all, freedom isn't free – it costs a buck o'five. The betting sportsbook odds for the match-up are as follows:
Nebraska +8½ (-110) 43 (-110) +275 
Wisconsin -8½ (-110) 43 (-110) -335

Will Purdue beat the odds and the Nebraska Cornhuskers?

Purdue Boilermakers vs. Nebraska Cornhuskers Probably not; but I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to make a pun on Will Perdue’s name. As a matter of fact, the No. 8 Nebraska Cornhuskers are the NCAA football betting favorites to beat the Purdue Boilermakers on Saturday, October 22nd at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln. The following are the online sportsbook odds for the game:
Purdue Boilermakers +24 (-110) 61½ (-110) +1400 
Nebraska Cornhuskers -24 (-110) 61½ (-110) -2500

Leave it to the Beavers to be underdogs at Washington

Oregon State vs. Oregon State Betting Preview October 22nd, 2016The Oregon State Beavers will be NCAA football betting underdogs when they visit the No. 5 Washington Huskies Alaska Airlines Field at Husky Stadium in Seattle on Saturday, October 22nd. The following are the odds for the game, in case you should feel the inclination to place an NCAA football bet:
Oregon State +36½ (-110) 54 (-110) +11000 
Washington U -36½ (-110) 54 (-110) -33000

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