NCAA College Basketball Betting Odds Lines

NCAA Basketball Preview - Top Players 2015-2016

Top Players in NCAA Basketball 2015-2016With the 2015-16 NCAA Basketball Season ready to get underway, on this coming Friday, the 13th of November and we are taking a look at the Ten Best College Basketball players for this 2015-16. Therefore I present what is expected to be the top ten players this season for you to watch and judge. So if you Bet on College hoops at a sportsbook, continue reading.

Who’s Getting Into Division I NCAA Basketball Real Soon?

hand dunking basketballRight now people can bet on NCAA basketball games involving every single team. There are more than 350 programs to bet on with every state other than Alaska being represented. These teams include many prominent schools from Air Force to Youngstown State.

Odds Of NCAA Basketball Teams With New Coaches In 2015

Fred Hoiberg coaching Iowa StateThere are always new coaches in the NCAA basketball world every year. Some teams get new coaches from well outside their systems while others from small schools will flock to bigger programs for exposure and money. Here are some of the odds of a few NCAA teams that have new coaches in time for the 2015-16 season.

Newest Coaches in NCAA Basketball

basketball falling through hoopThere will always be plenty of new coaches in the NCAA basketball world every year, what with there being more than three hundred programs in the I-A rank. Here's a look at a few of the newest coaches to watch for.

Title game with Duke versus Wisconsin

basketball sitting on hardwood floorWith the 2015 NCAA Men’s Basketball Annual March Madness Tournament coming to an end on Monday night the 6th of April 2015 for the Championship game, we have finally arrived with the winners from the Final Four as No. 1 seed Duke Blue Devils beat No. 7 seed Michigan State Spartans 81-61 in the opening game on Saturday evening, and in the second game the No.1 seed Wisconsin Badgers (36-3) beat the then undefeated No. 1 seed Kentucky 38-1 by 7 points 71-64.

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