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NBA Odds on Dwight Howard and his Possible Trades

When this week began, it appeared more likely than not, that Dwight Howard would be wearing a new uniform by today, but that has not transpired. His most likely destination appeared to be Brooklyn, to join a Nets squad relocating from New Jersey, or perhaps joining the Mickey Mouse in Anaheim instead of the one residing in Orlando.

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While at least for the moment, Dwight Howard remains an Orlando Magic, his primary suitor, the Brooklyn Nets, are not standing idly by awaiting his arrival. They have resigned free agent point guard Deron Williams to a $98 million deal and went out and obtained another highly touted guard, Joe Johnson from the Atlanta Hawks. They gave up 5 players and a lottery protected draft pick to secure his services.

NBA Odds on Trade Rumors

With the 2012 NBA Draft over, much of the focus around the league will turn to trades. A few teams like the Heat and the Thunder have a successful core to build around, but a number of other organizations are looking to make significant moves in the coming months to put them in playoff contention going into next year.

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