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Can Oklahoma Keep Their Rolling Thunder, well, Rolling?

OKC takes game 1The Golden State Warriors, people betting on basketball, the entire world, everyone was shocked by the Oklahoma City Thunder’s 108-102 win in game 1 of the NBA Western Conference Finals. The question is, can OKC keep the momentum rolling for game 2, which will take place on Wednesday at the Oracle Arena in Oakland? If they hope to do so, the Thunder need to strike while the iron is hot. It’s safe to say that we never saw that Oklahoma team coming – but then again we also never saw that Warriors team coming.

Heat Online Betting Favorites for Crucial Game 6

Miami Heat Online Betting Favorite for Game 6It is do or die time for Miami as they enter Game 6 win winning as their only option. For this crucial game they are online betting favorites, but with how this series have been so far, that is not any type of assurance. They have put Toronto to the test, but the Raptors have fought back. DeRozan and Lowry linked up and pushed Miami to the edge. Now facing elimination, at American Airlines Arena, there is zero room for error. 

Remember the Cheasapeake Energy Arena: Bye, bye Spurs

Bye, bye SpursEven the mighty online betting favorites fall. San Antonio Spurs, we hardly knew ye. At least for what’s left of this postseason, the Spurs are no more. They have ceased to be. They have expired and gone to meet their maker. They are stiff. Bereft of life, they rest in peace. Their metabolic processes are a matter of interest only to historians. They have kicked the bucket. They have shuffled off their mortal coil, run down the curtain, and joined the choir invisible. All very metaphorically speaking, of course. They’re all alive and well, except maybe Tim Duncan’s career – or whatever’s left of it.

Cavs is East and Golden State is West, but will they meet?

Like a brave Chinese student, the Portland Trailblazers courageously stood in front of the Golden State Warriors’ tank – and got mowed down for their efforts. Will the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers will meet on the NBA Finals?Meanwhile, the Cleveland Cavaliers lived up to their name and swept the Atlanta Hawks like they were a curling stone. On the other hand, the nominal online betting on basketball favorites the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat have struggled with alleged underdogs the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Toronto Raptors, and are both on the verge of elimination. Of course, the latter are cases in which the winners would actually be the losers, having to go on to face the basketball-playing machines that are the Warriors and the Cavs.

Betting on Basketball: NBA Western Conference Finals

Bet on NBA Western Conference FinalsYou’re betting on basketball, and the Golden State Warriors are the embodiment of basketball in the second half of the second decade of the 2000s. As such, they are the sports betting favorites to win not only the NBA playoffs Western Conference Finals against the Oklahoma City Thunder, but also go all the way and win their second NBA championship. Where does that leave the Thunder? They were also the underdogs versus the San Antonio Spurs, and we all know how that turned out. 

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