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EPL Preview for Southampton versus Everton

Since we are coming to the end of March Madness and the NBA regular season we will move over to soccer for a preview on some upcoming English Premier League games that are upcoming on Saturday the 4th of April 2015.

Real Madrid vs Barcelona Preview

Spanish football betting fans have Saturday October 25th circled on their calendar since the announcement of La Liga’s 2014-2015 season fixture. This Saturday we will see the ever so anticipated match between Real Madrid and Barcelona.

World Cup Betting of David's and Goliaths

Everybody loves an underdog story, but none more so than World Cup betting aficionados. The current iteration of the global tournament has had its share of breathtaking, heart-stopping performances in which a David has nailed a stone right in between Goliath’s eyes. The most notable example has been ‘umble Costa Rica slaying the supposed giant Italy, and while upstarts Colombia and Belgium have not yet enjoyed that type of single greatest World Cup moment -the kind that gets replayed over and over through the years, such as Maradona’s hand of god- they have far exceeded expectations.

World Cup Odds: USA loss to Belgium 2-1 in the round of 16.

In the FIFA 2014 World Cup Round of 16 this past Tuesday, the 1st of July in the city of Salvador in the Fonte Nova Stadium the United States lost the game to Belgium 2-1 and that became the end of the road for an American dream, but a game and a night few people will forget. Fans in Brazil and others in Boston, Baltimore or Brussels time seemed to come to a standstill and the USA and Belgium went the distance and enthralled the world as fans watched the exciting game.

Soccer Betting: The repercussions of Luis Suarez 4 month ban

Memes aside, Luis Suarez’s biting incident and the subsequent ban will send shockwaves across the soccer world and therefore, on soccer betting. The ban might be regarded as a seismic event that will not be limited to just the World Cup. It will affect the Futbol Planet and probably knock it out of orbit. It might seem a bit exaggerated to some, but considering the ins and outs of the ban, if you bet on soccer you will need to consider this.

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